Burlington Proactive Wellness is very happy to have the following people as part of our team:

Sarah Stephen, M.OMSc.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Sarah Stephen has a Masters in Osteopathic Manipulative Science from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton. She has 12 years previous experience in Massage Therapy, which had given her a great platform for providing great health care to her patients. Sarah is completely devoted to the study of Classical Osteopathy and is contantly amazed at the positive results that her patients are experiencing, whilst being treated with Osteopathic principles and techniques. Sarah looks forward to healing you along natures path to health & wellness; mind, body and soul.

If you are wanting to learn more about Sarah and Osteopathy, please visit www.naturespathtohealth.ca.

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Rachel Hughes M.OMSc.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Rachel is a classically trained Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. She has graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton, with a Master in Practice Diploma in Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences (M.OMSc). This intensive program includes an in-depth academic study of functional anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, osteopathic theory, as well as, 1000 hours of supervised clinical training.

Osteopathy is both an art and science. It is a whole body approach to treatment that is gentle and non-invasive. It helps improve health and balance within the body. It restores structural function by releasing restrictions that allow nerves and blood vessels to flow freely. This facilitates the body’s natural ability to self heal.

She has 14 years of clinical experience providing manual therapy as a Registered Massage Therapist. She has now completely transitioned her practice and is dedicated to providing her patients with the benefits of Osteopathic care.

She is an active member in good standing with the Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA), which is recognized by the Canadian health care insurance industry.
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Allen Christison

Certfied Laser Technician-Imagine Laserworks

Imagine Laserworks is the Largest Network of Laser Acupuncture Treatment Centres for Addictions on the Planet and Canada’s No. 1 Method to Stop/Quit Smoking.

‘Imagine Laserworks’ are natural health centres using advanced, complementary and drug-less therapies in all areas of addictions and self improvement, the principals of caring are what make Imagine Laserworks centres unique.

Laser therapy combines modern technology, the ancient healing art of acupuncture, and outstanding personal care. The principals of caring are what make Imagine Laserworks centers unique. Our Certified Laser Technicians will help you reach your goals quickly and safely. We are committed to helping you live a healthier, happier life.

Quit Smoking in 1hr | Alcohol & Drug Addictions | Stress | Insomnia | Depression | Anxiety | Weight Loss | Sciatica and much more

If you are wanting to learn more about Allen and Imagine Laserworks please visit, www.imaginelaserworks.com or Phone 905.805.0213

Laura Smith, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

I am a Registered Massage Therapist and have been practicing in Burlington for 7 years. I have taken extra studies in prenatal care and have had treated several prenatal clients with great results. I am also attending the Southern Ontario School of Osteopathy. My aim is to provide my clients with a quiet, caring atmosphere and to construct an effective treatment plan that addresses each client’s individual needs.

If you are wanting to learn more about Laura please visit, www.laurasmithrmt.com

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Leah Karges, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

In 2004, as a new graduate of Sutherland Chan Teaching school and Clinic, I stared practicing in Windsor. After spending my time so close to the University of Windsor, the call to return to academia pulled me back to a study of Kinesiology at the University. In my first year of study I made the honour roll and was awarded a research grant in environmental physiology with a Canadian Research Chair Professor at Brock University. adding to the excitement was the included move back to family in Oakville.

After completing my thesis, I focused on increasing my skills as a massage therapist, particularly my fascial release techniques. I completed several courses in NISA (Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment) and SI (Structural Integration), as well as the McMaster’s medical acupuncture course. I am M2T-Blade certified and have attended several workshops and events in my field. Recently I have expanded my learning into the world of Craniosacral studies and joint mobility.

I create treatment plans for a wide range of conditions. I can help clients suffering from repeat occupational stress, those introducing new or more intense physical activity, and those living with chronic pain. But, my passion lies in my work with fascia, my knowledge of release techniques, and my focus on athletic injury rehabilitation and functional training to prevent further injury.

When not chasing after my twins, training for triathlons takes up the majority of my time. My passion for this sport directs my research and learning now. I believe in functional training as well as functional massage therapy. We will work together to develop treatment plans that help you to achieve your personal goals whether they be sport specific or lifestyle related. .
I am a proud member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

If you are wanting to learn more about Leah and her practice please visit, www.trimassageburlington.com

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Jessica Simard, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Jessica graduated from the D’Arcy Lane Institute in 2003, giving her many years of both clinical & spa Massage Therapy experience.

Her main focus is helping women reduce stress & recover from injury or disease, regain mobility & work towards living pain free. Jessica’s motto: “You should leave my treatment room better than when you came in!”

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Rachel Freeman, MSc, RD

Registered Dietitian

My name is Rachel Freeman and I have been working as a Registered Dietitian in pediatrics for the past 15 years.

I can help families and caregivers make healthy food choices for their children to make sure they can learn, play, and grow to their full potential.

I am happy to see all children from the ages of 0-18.

If you are wanting to learn more about Rachel please visit, www.dietitian4health.com or Phone 905.315.0362 or email Rachel (at) dietitian4health.com

Teresa Ellis, B.Sc., RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Teresa graduated from University of Western Ontario in 1998 and went on to study Massage Therapy at Sutherland & Chan Massage Therapy School in 2000. She furthered her studies in Acupuncture Certification through McMaster University in 2007 and completed her Cupping Therapy Certification in 2014.

Teresa likes to bring balance to her clients everyday busy lives by empowering clients with the knowledge to treat and prevent reoccurring injuries.

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