Laser Acupuncture

Imagine Laserworks Centres are Natural Health Care Centres using advanced, complementary and drug-less therapies in all areas of addictions and self-improvement.

Laser AcupunctureWe combine the ancient principles of acupuncture with the modern technology of Low Level Laser Therapy giving you an advanced form of health care for the new millennium.

Imagine Laserworks is now becoming the first line of attack in helping to control over 160 health problems, including addiction to nicotine, drugs or alcohol, managing weight, severe or chronic pain,
stress and sleep disorders.


When I first met Allen I was hesitant to try his product. I had been a smoker for almost 10 years and I tried so many different ways to quit. They ALL failed! I felt like I would not be able to kick the horrible habit. Then I decided in July that I would give it a try and booked an appointment for September 11th, 2013. And I am very proud to say that I am STILL smoke free. Becoming a non smoker has been the best product I ever invested in, it is saving me money and prolonging my life. Allen THANKS for helping me quit smoking with the laser.

May 5, 2016

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Allen Christison
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