Registered Dietitian

A registered dietitian looks at scientific research about food and nutrition and uses it to help you make good choices about the foods you eat and the foods that will help your children grow up healthy and strong.
The title “Dietitian” is protected by law in Canada, and dietitians are licensed here by the College of Dietitians of Ontario. You can identify a dietitian by the initials RD after their name.
Nutrition counselling with a Registered Dietitian can help you plan a healthy diet for children with the following concerns:

• picky eating • making healthy food choices
• failure to thrive or underweight • food allergies or intolerances
• celiac disease or gluten intolerance • food aversions
• tube feeding • overweight
• diabetes (Types 1 and 2) • high cholesterol
• high triglycerides • solid food introduction
• iron deficiency • vegetarian diets
• lactose and/or fructose intolerance • constipation
• cerebral palsy • endocrine disorders
• autism • ADHD
• developmental delays • and more…