Cupping Therapy

cuppingCupping affects the deeper tissue, removes fascial restrictions, improves the movement of body fluids (inflammation) and can increase the range of motion.

Cupping started in China, and today considered an alternative therapy, recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective treatment.

The Cups can be made of different materials, here we use plastic cups. A vacuum is created in the cup drawing the skin up into the cup, separating the layers of superficial fascia. The suction draws blood in the level of the skin creating a vacuum below the skin causing new blood to rush in removing stagnation. The result is more movement and less adhesions, sometime causing Ecchymosis (increased blood movement).


  • Increased circulation
  • Increased function of the sweat glands, removal of lactic acid
  • Increased movement of scar tissue
  • Improvement in digestion and respiratory function
  • Aids in relieving tense muscles by working deep structures
  • Cupping can be included in your treatment or a separate treatment

Post Treatment advice

  • Cupping can leave areas tender and discoloured
  • Cupping is never done on hypermobile joints or acute inflammation

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